Otoplasty - Plastic Surgery of the Ear


The size, shape and position of the ear is often a family characteristic and the deformations that affect them are usually hereditary. Children with prominent ears are usually the object of mockery, which generates feelings of shame and hostility after being rejected by their peers. While adults do not openly express such attitudes frequently, they retain the same feelings that prevailed during their childhood.

The ideal patients for this plastic surgery in Delhi are children 6 years of age and older who are aware of the defect they have. At that age the auricle or ear has almost reached its full development and it is possible to operate without affecting what remains of growth. They are also good candidates for otoplasty or plastic surgery of the ear those who have reached the adult stage without operating and who have a defect in the ears of which they are aware and uncomfortable.

Characteristics of this plastic surgery in Delhi

There are different types of deformation in the ear, each of which must be treated in a specific way.
Basically, the objective is to reduce the prominence and alteration of the angle in which the ear protrudes from the skull.

The surgical procedure does not alter the mechanism of hearing at all.

Scar in the Otoplasty

The scars in this plastic surgery are located behind the ear in the retro auricular groove. In all cases, the plastic surgeon in Delhi will use the technique that is best suited to each case.

The skin is lifted, proceeding to remodel the cartilage and correct the existing alterations.
Subsequently, sutures are placed to consolidate the modifications made. The skin is closed and a healing is placed that externally is similar to a turban. This cover provides safety to the operated area and protects from pain by avoiding rubbing and physical contact.


Local anaesthesia is used in adults and general in children.

Post-operative of the Otoplasty or Plastic Surgery of the Ear.

The pain in this period is easily treatable with analgesics indicated by the plastic surgeon.

The pain of this plastic surgery is less intense in children. The discomfort lasts less than a week. In that opportunity the points can be removed. Absorbable stitches are used with children. After that first healing the appearance of the ears is close to normal. There is still swelling and redness of the skin that will disappear in the following days. The skin of the auricular pavilions will have its sensitivity altered for some time. Plastic surgeon in Rohini, Pitampura suggests to protect the ear for another 4 weeks at night by wearing a headband.

The operated otoplasty can be lifted the day after surgery and is only restricted for heavy physical activities, gymnastics or sports, which can be resumed in the third or fourth week.

Before the month has the final aesthetic appearance. It looks like an ear that has never been operated on. There may still be some degree of insensitivity that recovers in the weeks and months that follow. In very few cases, minimal alterations in skin sensitivity can be permanent.

The patients are so satisfied that they even modify the length of their hair. Men cut their hair and women wear new hairstyles, exposing their ears.

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